Izzy & Xoe’s vintage inspired wedding

Nestled in the enchanting Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA, Izzy and Xoey embarked on a journey of love that felt straight out of a storybook. With a venue steeped in history, having graced the scenes of Little Women, it was the perfect setting for their vintage-inspired affair. As the sun painted the sky in hues of gold and amber on that crisp October day in 2023, the magic unfolded.

Izzy and Xoey’s love for all things vintage and eclectic shone through every detail of their special day. From the rustic charm of the estate to the whimsical indie music that filled the air, their wedding was a true reflection of their unique personalities and shared passions. With a guest list of just 40 close friends and family, the atmosphere was intimate, filled with warmth and love.

What struck me most about photographing Izzy and Xoey’s wedding was their palpable presence in every moment. They were fully immersed in the joy of the day, embracing each other and their guests with genuine affection. There wasn’t a trace of worry or stress – just pure, unadulterated happiness.

As their photographer, I made it my mission to capture the essence of their love story in every frame. From the small, candid moments shared between the couple to the artistic shots framed by the estate’s timeless architecture, every photograph was infused with their love and nostalgia.

Izzy and Xoey’s wedding holds a special place in my heart, not just because of its vintage charm and picturesque setting, but because of the love and authenticity that radiated from every corner. It’s a day I’ll forever cherish, a reminder of the beauty and magic that love brings into our lives.

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