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What's the delivery time?

roughly 10 weeks after the wedding you will be receiving your fully edited online gallery but you do get sneak speaks within 2. For any other session, you will receive sneak peaks within 1 week. 

What are your travel fees?

travel fees are included within 120 miles from where I am located. If the miles travel exceed 120, there is an additional coverage of .58 per extra mile traveled. This is the standard mileage rate posted on the IRS website for business. 

How many photos will I get? 

depending on your the package you choose, you will get a minimum of 60 images, excludes wedding. For weddings, you'll receive a minimum of 600 images. BUT a lot of the time's I could include more if there are more pictures I love and can't just narrow it down. This includes for both wedding and lifestyle shoots. 

Will you pose us/direct us during our session? 

OF COURSE! you will be guided by me throughout the entire process and day of shoot. All you need to do is show up looking like your beautiful self/s! BUT for all my couples, I embrace candid moments between you two so you will get a combination of both 

What's your editing style? 

My edits consist of earthy, moody tones with a touch of a vintage and timeless elements. Most of my shots are crisp but I do incorporate some vintage elements by adding grain and intentionally blurry photos as well as your classic black and white photos. 

Can we involve our pets? 

OF COURSE! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE ANIMALS, there is a reason I am vegetarian. I would recommend you have designated person to help handle them and of course bring treats. 

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